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How to drive forecourt profit with the UK’s favourite super premium coffee brand¹.



Fuel is no longer the main reason for people visiting forecourts, in fact research suggests only 15% of shoppers state it as their ‘main mission’. More and more people use forecourts for ‘top-up’ shops, and for grabbing a drink and a bite on the go².


With three in four Brits now drinking at least one cup of coffee out-of-home a week³, and research from HIM’s Convenience Tracking Programme suggesting that 10% of forecourt shopper baskets contain a hot drink⁴, it’s clear that providing a quality coffee offering that appeals to customer desires is more important than ever. Putting shoppers at the heart of decisions, embracing change and ensuring on-site hot drinks options are innovative and appealing, are all essential for delivering improved profit growth and pushing up average basket spend.




Research suggests that consumers view coffee out-of-home to be generally superior in quality to at-home options⁵, and with this comes an expectation that self-serve coffee solutions need to match coffee shops in delivering great tasting flavour. What’s more, with space at a premium, choosing a coffee to go solution that maximises every inch of floor space is vital. NESCAFÉ AZERA®'s new, innovative pod design does just this. Bright and eye-catching, the unit has been designed to appeal to the sense of experience that so many coffee drinkers desire⁶. The flexibility of the AZERA® pod means it can be placed as a stand-alone coffee to go solution, or can be used as part of a larger bespoke branded coffee shop-style space.


As well as creating a striking consumption space which conjures up thoughts of barista-made coffee, drawing people in to try a new selection of drinks is best done using strong incentives including link deals and cost promotions, urging curious consumers to step into a new world of coffee and bringing you increased revenue as a result⁷.


As consumers become increasingly knowledgeable about coffee and as their expectation of quality increases, they are pushing aside the average cup of Joe and are looking to get as close as they can to a barista-style experience with every cup⁸. Freshly roasted whole beans and fresh milk are a key indicator of quality for many, which is why the latest coffee to go solution from NESCAFÉ AZERA delivers both.




Voted the UK’s favourite premium coffee brand*, NESCAFÉ AZERA is instantly recognisable as a stand-out product now pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a coffee to go machine.


Offering a convenient high-speed self-serve experience, the machine ensures product consistency in every cup, every day. Sitting within its ergonomic pod structure, the machine also offers the choice to have an extra shot of coffee or sugar free syrup at no extra charge – a fantastic value-add.



NESCAFÉ AZERA knows that curiosity is within all of us and is at the heart of everything that we do, so why not use this to your advantage? Our team are on hand to create a bespoke coffee offer which is tailored to your forecourt space and customer base. As well as offering machine solutions, we will work with you to craft cost promotions such as an AZERA hot drink and KitKat link deal, to help drive incremental spend and encourage repeat purchase.



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