NESCAFÉ Coffee to Go Sustainability NESCAFÉ Coffee to Go Sustainability NESCAFÉ Coffee to Go Sustainability

Sustainable Coffee, Grown Respectfully

The Future of Sustainable Coffee

In a world where over 23,000 cups of coffee are drunk every second, NESCAFE as the most sustainable coffee would like to ensure that whilst we enjoy drinking it we are supporting farming practices for the future.


NESCAFÉ has been working to protect the future of coffee for farmers and coffee lovers for 80 years. In 2010, we created The NESCAFÉ Plan, with one aim: to make sure all our coffee is responsibly sourced. And we’re doing this in 3 ways.

We respect farmers – better livelihoods through improved coffee economics, allowing farmers to grow healthier, better quality, disease-resistant coffee trees.

We respect communities – helping to develop thriving, resilient communities with opportunities for the younger generation.

We respect the planet- sustainably managing coffee landscapes by introducing farming techniques that protect and conserve natural resources.


Our Action Plan

Almost 70% of our coffee is independently checked and responsibly sourced, meaning that we know exactly where it came from and how it was grown. There’s still plenty to do but we’re working hard to reach our target of 100% Responsibly Grown coffee by 2020 across the NESCAFÉ range.

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