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Find the answers to the NESCAFÉ COFFEE TO GO most popular questions. From how to purchase our products to delivery times and what drinks are available.

What is the contact number of your Customers Services Team?

Please contact our Customer Services Team on the following free phone numbers:

  • UK - 0800 745 845
  • ROI - 00800 6378 5385

How and where can I purchase NESCAFÉ &GO products?


You can order the latest edition of the NESCAFÉ &GO Machine online via our web shop if you are based in the UK. You can also order over the phone by phoning our Customer Services Team (see question 1 for Freephone contact numbers) if you are in the UK and the ROI.

NESCAFÉ &GO Hot Drink Cups

You can order our NESCAFÉ &GO cups online through our web shop if you are based in the UK. Our coffee cups are also available from various wholesalers nationwide across the UK. Speak to your wholesaler to find out if they stock the NESCAFÉ &GO cup range. Unfortunately, our NESCAFÉ &GO cups are not available to purchase through our web shop if you are based in the Republic of Ireland.

Information for customers based in Ireland

If you are based in Ireland you can purchase our NESCAFÉ &GO machine via our consumer services team. You will be invoiced by Nestle Ireland and you can carry out your VAT returns as usual. You can purchase our coffee cups from various wholesalers across the Republic of Ireland.

What methods of payment can I use?

Payments can be made by debit card and credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) for all customers, when purchasing from our online store and when phoning our customer services team. Customers can also pay by debit card when phoning our customer services team. When paying by credit card on our online store, we will not dispatch your order until we have received clear funds from your account. You will receive an invoice stating no funds are due for your tax purposes. When paying by credit card over the phone, you will also receive an invoice stating no funds are due for your tax purposes.

For orders placed by those who have an existing relationship with Nestle UK Ltd as a Registered Customer, initially organised through a dedicated account manager or our consumer services team, payment can be made either by purchase order, credit card or debit card over the phone with our consumer services team only. For Registered Customers, payment will be due in 30 days from the date of invoice. If you would like to become a Registered Customer to be granted 30-day payment terms, please speak to the customer services team on 0800 745845.

We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you if we are refused authority for payment or reasonably believe that payment will be refused at any stage.

Is your NESCAFÉ COFFEE TO GO online shop secure?

The NESCAFÉ COFFEE TO GO website is fully secure and adheres to best practice e-commerce security measures.

How long will it take to be delivered?

For standard delivery, when an order is accepted, it should arrive with you in 3-5 working days.

For next day delivery when an order is accepted before 11am, orders will arrive the following working day.

Will I need to be in – will my delivery require a signature?

It is your responsibility to ensure you are available to receive the delivery. If someone is not available at the delivery address to receive the goods, a card with a contact number will be left for you to arrange with the courier an alternative drop off time. After two attempts the goods will be returned to us and you will be refunded the full value of the purchase, minus the delivery charge. From that point, if you still wish to receive your order, you will have to re-order via the customer service line.

I live in the Channel Islands/Isle of Man, can I place an order?

Yes, we deliver to the Channel Islands/Isle of Man. Deliveries will take up to approximately 8 working days to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Do you deliver to BFPO numbers?

We’re not able to at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update this section if that changes.

What is the difference between ‘Website Terms & Conditions’ and the ‘Terms & Conditions of Sale’?

‘Website Terms & Conditions’ apply to the main website and can be found at the following link: Terms and Conditions

‘Terms & Conditions of Sale’ relate only to items that are sold via our telephone ordering service or via our online shop: Terms and Conditions of Sale

What is the size of the NESCAFÉ &GO machine?

The machine is 485mm wide, 623mm high and 386mm deep. Please note that you will need approximately 722mm height space to open the machine.

How easy is it to clean the NESCAFÉ &GO machine as I don’t have a lot of time?

Wipe the machine once a day to clean it.

Will I be able to provide a full range of hot drinks with the NESCAFÉ &GO machine?

There is variety in this hassle-free range – 8 drinks in total including coffee, tea and hot chocolate. There are 6 drinks holders on the machine, so you could easily cover a multitude of consumer needs. Also, in the range are the favourite coffee shop coffees in the UK: latte, cappuccino and black coffee.

I don’t have a lot of counter top space in my business. Would the NESCAFÉ &GO machine be suitable?

The machine is designed to have a small footprint, so works well for businesses that don’t have a lot of space. The machine measures 485mm x 386mm.

Should I be concerned about milk and other ingredients being stored in a NESCAFÉ &GO cup?

The ingredients have a 12-month shelf life and are foil sealed within the cup to seal freshness in.

Do I need any training to operate a NESCAFÉ &GO machine?

All you need to do is simply plug it in and turn it on.

How much does a NESCAFÉ &GO hot drinks machine cost?

It costs £125 + VAT and delivery if you buy from us directly. If you sold 10 drinks per day at £1.10 you could recoup the cost of the machine in under 5 weeks.

What drinks are available?

You can order our NESCAFÉ &GO coffee cups online through our web shop. Our coffee cups are also available from various wholesalers nationwide across the UK. Speak to your wholesaler to find out if they stock the NESCAFÉ &GO coffee cup range.

The coffee cups available from the core range are:

  • NESCAFÉ &GO White Coffee
  • NESCAFÉ &GO White Decaffeinated Coffee
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Black Coffee
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Latte
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Vanilla Latte
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Cappuccino
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Tetley Tea
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Aero® Hot Chocolate
  • NESCAFÉ &GO Original 3in1

The coffee cups available from the premium range are:

  • NESCAFÉ Azera® To Go Americano
  • NESCAFÉ Azera® To Go Cappuccino
  • NESCAFÉ Azera® To Go Latte

What do I get with my NESCAFÉ &GO machine?

In addition to the NESCAFÉ &GO machine, you will also receive the below point of sale items to help you sell the cups to your customers. We recommend that you use this point of sale material to help drive awareness of the coffee machine in your store.

  • Best before end labels
  • 1 x back card for your machine
  • 1 x caution sticker
  • 1 x shelf strip
  • 1 x window sticker
  • 1 x shelf wobbler
  • 1 x A3 poster
  • 1 x packet of lids
  • 1 x terms and conditions letter (contains warranty information)

Can I order more point of sale?

Yes, via our online web shop only.

How many cups does the NESCAFÉ &GO machine hold?


Can I purchase stock directly from Nestlé Professional?

Yes, via our online web shop only

What is the capacity of the boiler unit?

5.4 litres

Is there a warranty with the NESCAFÉ &GO machine?

Yes, 12 months from date of purchase. You will receive warranty information with your machine when you purchase it and you can view the warrant information by going to this link: Machine maintenance guide

What do I do if my machine breaks down?

Please refer to the machine user manual and maintenance guide, which can be found here: Machine maintenance guide. If this does not help, then please call our customer services team on:

  • UK – 0800 745 845
  • ROI – 00800 6378 5385

Does the machine require plumbing?

No, simply refill with a clean jug or another suitable container.

What power does the machine draw?

Please refer to the machine user manual and maintenance guide.

Do you supply a stand?

No, the machine does not require a stand to operate.

How do I dispose of my NESCAFÉ &GO machine?

The NESCAFÉ &GO machine must not be disposed of as household waste. To help prevent possible harm to human health and/or the environment, the product must be disposed of in an approved and environmentally safe recycling process. For further information on how to dispose of this product correctly, please call your local authority responsible for waste disposal in your area.