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Time for some TLC: how to descale your NESCAFÉ &GO machine!

Your NESCAFÉ &GO machine doesn’t require much attention, but it does need some TLC from time to time! De-scaling is really easy, and only requires a few simple steps, but it’s vital to keep your machine in good working order and your customers happy.


What is descaling?

Descaling the coffee machine simply means getting rid of the mineral build-up inside your coffee maker. At high temperatures a layer of oxides starts forming on the metal components over time, stopping the machine from working optimally and giving you its best performance.


Nescafe and go coffee machine


What happens if you don’t descale your coffee machine?

Descaling your NESCAFÉ &GO Machine regularly is important. Here are a few things to expect if you skip this essential step:


  • Coffee may not be hot enough
  • The taste will not be as good
  • Lower amount of water coming out of your machine
  • Extra time for brewing
  • Coffee machine might start to get noisy
  • The machine might stop working completely
  • You can’t guarantee a good coffee if descaling is not performed regularly. Scaling can affect the performance of coffee machines, especially in hard water areas. You can use water hardness strips to test the water in your area to ensure you are descaling your machine regularly enough.


Nescafe and go care. Descale machine


How to Descale Your NESCAFÉ &GO Machine

Choose a quieter time of day to de-scale, as your NESCAFÉ &GO machine will be out of action for an hour or so. We recommend that you de-scale your machine at least once every 6 months. Follow our simple steps, or allow us to walk you through our 10-minute video guide to get the best results.


  • Put the machine into drain mode
  • Switch off the machine and disconnect it from the mains
  • Make sure the machine is completely cool
  • Open the lid, remove the filter cup and using a damp cloth carefully remove the scale
  • Replace the filter cup and follow the instructions on the descaler packet
  • While still in drain mode, make sure you fill it with cold water and flush it afterwards. Repeat at least twice to get rid of any after taste.
  • Switch your machine off and on before starting to use it again

Now that your coffee machine is back to its normal performance and keeping customers happy with quality hot drinks, check out our other tips for keeping your regular customers coming back.