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NESCAFÉ® Bean to Cup Swing Sign


The NESCAFÉ Bean to Cup swing sign is an effective way of communicating coffee is available from outside your store, converting passers-by who are looking for a premium takeaway coffee. Easy to set up and built to withstand British weather conditions.

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Quality coffee deserves to get noticed.

As a premium coffee offering, the NESCAFÉ Mini Bean to Cup machine has a POS suite that encapsulates quality coffee. The creative combines the iconic NESCAFÉ branding with the roasted beans that are integral to this proposition. Thus ensuring your passersby instantly recognise the premium coffee experience available inside.

Our wide range of POS means you are able to merchandise your machine using multiple touchpoints. We highly recommend placement outside of your store using our NESCAFÉ Bean to Cup swing sign, which can be teamed with a window sticker and poster to optimise traffic from passersby into your store. Internal placement of POS is just as important, to not only make it quick and easy for your customers to find the coffee machine (we recommend near the till) but to drive impulse purchase. This can be achieved using a combination of our machine stickers, wobbler, tent card and poster. Finally we believe that rewarding loyalty will not only keep your customers happy but also drive basket spend and repeat trips to your store, which is why we have created a branded loyalty card which offers a 7th cup of coffee at no extra cost.

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