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Nescafe professional coffee machineNescafe professional coffee machine


Upgrade your flavour and profit with freshly-ground whole bean coffee.

Delight your customers with up to 80 cups a day of rich, aromatic and freshly-ground coffee. And join the growing list of retailers already unlocking a weekly cup profit opportunity of £156.45.*

*In this example Nestlé's RRP is £1.99 and is only a recommendation, profit calculation does not include the price of the machine. Resale prices are at the sole discretion of the retailer. The estimated turnover and profit on return calculation is based on selling at RRP, 15 cups per day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, at an estimated cost of 45p per day. All examples are for illustration purposes only. Nestlé cannot and does not guarantee customer turnover, margins or profit.


Your customers deserve a quickly brewed cup of their favourite espresso or latte, without sacrificing quality and taste.

Our NESCAFÉ FTS 30 E is a premium whole bean to cup machine that delivers delicious espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate just like in their local café – with no compromise on flavour or speed! This commercial coffee machine provides the full richness, aroma and authenticity of great tasting bean to cup espressos, Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos and delicious hot chocolate.


Weekly cup profit
opportunity of £156.45*

*based on 15 cups per day,
at an estimated cost of 45p per day

Easy to use
10” LED touch screen

Longer dwell-time could bring 
incremental growth to sales 
as a halo purchase

Efficient brewing and
grinding for the perfect cup every time  

Induction technology for on demand heating saves up to 60% energy in idle

Fresh beans for that authentic coffee shop experience

Up to 4 soluble canisters

Roast & Ground bean canister with 2kg bean capacity

Beverages for every taste

(Up to 48 different combinations including tea & hot chocolate)

24/7 Nestlé support

Are you Install-ready? CHECK HERE

Are You Install-Ready?

Space Water Electricity
With Mains Water Without Mains Water

You will need H91cm x W32cm x D60cm to comfortably fit and access the machine.

The machine weight is 32.0kg.

Mains water is helpful but not mandatory. we can supply an external pump & water tank if you let us know when you order.

If you do have mains water supply the connection will need to be within 1m of your machine, with pressure of between 1-8 bars.

Filtering your water is essential for quality coffee & machine performance. Do you have space for a filter within 1m of your machine (W11.7cm x H42cm x D10.4cm)?

1x 13amp power supply within 1m of the machine. 2x 13amp power supply within 1m of the machine.
You should avoid connecting a coffee machine with an extension lead where possible.

Is there a 3/4” BSP Service valve?
(the type you get on a washing machine fitting)

Fresh From Bean To Cup


“The sales have certainly gone up,
it’s a superior coffee, people do become
repeat customers once they’ve tried it.”

We spoke with Graeme, from Ashburton Village Store, about how the Bean to Cup machine has helped increase sales, encourage returning customers, and much more.

Watch Graeme’s full story.

“The sales have certainly gone up,
it’s a superior coffee, people do become
repeat customers once they’ve tried it.”