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After a strongly contested competition, NESCAFÉ &GO is pleased to welcome Balasundaram from Southgate and Bhavesh Patel from New Malden as the new Ambassadors for NESCAFÉ &GO!

Balasundaram has run D D Minimart with his wife for almost a decade. Bhavesh runs a successful convenience store in South London called Jay Maharaj Newsagent. Get to know Balasundaram and Bhavesh, and discover why they applied to become Ambassadors for NESCAFÉ &GO, plus their top tips on how to run a successful store.

How do you feel about being crowned a NESCAFÉ® Ambassador and being linked to the brand?

Balasundaram: I am very happy and very proud. We started the business around 9 years ago, after building it up - product by product, and I have been selling Nescafé for almost 9 years now. I had the first generation Nescafé &GO machine, but after seeing the new one on the NESCAFÉ &GO webshop, I upgraded to the latest machine.

Bhavesh: It feels great! After finding out I had become an Ambassador, I was sent some posters and stickers which I have put on the shop windows. I was also given a NESCAFÉ &GO swing sign which grabs people’s attention and brings them into the store which is great for business.

What does an average day look like in your store?

Balasundaram: We open the shop at 6 am and have a paper round. Then, once the paper round finishes, I restock the shelves whilst customers come in to buy their morning coffee. Once the morning rush is over, I go to the Cash and Carry to stock up on anything that’s needed. My wife helps out with the overall running of the shop which allows me to go and check out any offers or promotions daily.

Bhavesh: When it's cold in the mornings, customers come in and pick up their breakfast before going to work. They occasionally use the coffee machine in the mornings for hot chocolate.

What is your best selling cup?

Balasundaram: The best selling coffee is Nescafé three in one, then the NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND® black coffee, followed by NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND white coffee. I tend to sell hot chocolate in the afternoons. The builders, on the other hand, are big fans of a cappuccino and come in regularly throughout the day to purchase one. My shop is also next to a pizza takeaway, so the drivers tend to stop in in the evenings and grab a coffee to have before or after a delivery.

Bhavesh: My customers really like NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND. The best selling would probably be the NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND white coffee. Recently I’ve been buying new flavours like vanilla latte which has been selling really well. I tend to restock the flavours that sell quickly so that my regulars keep coming back.

Look out for more from our NESCAFÉ &GO Ambassadors, Balasundaram and Bhavesh, on how they keep their regulars happy, increase their sales and more!

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