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Are you stocking the UK’s favourite coffee*?

There are so many varieties of coffee, from the classic americano to the frothy cappuccino and the uniquely-flavoured white coffee. But which one shows up in most coffee orders? Read on to find out what the most popular coffee in the country is.

What is the most popular coffee in the UK?

Despite the ever-changing coffee trends, the UK’s coffee tastes show a preference for one particular type of caffeinated drink. According to a recent survey, the latte is the most popular coffee and the most consumed beverage in the UK.* It is especially popular with 30-44 year olds!

The cappuccino is also ranked highly, coming second in the top ten beverage choice when visiting a coffee shop*.

A recent survey has shown that consumers are more inclined to pick up a Cappuccino, Flat White or Americano in the morning, whereas the popularity of a latte stays consistent throughout the day*.

With NESCAFÉ &GO®, you can offer your customers a selection of white takeaway coffee including a smooth latte, white coffee, vanilla latte, frothy cappuccino and more!

Take advantage of the latte coffee trend with these NESCAFÉ® favourites

With latte taking the top position in the coffee drinkers’ preferences, make sure you’ve got our delicious latte cups in stock. Here are our most popular coffee choices when it comes to latte:


A smooth, milky flavour achieved from finely ground roasted coffee, AZERA to Go Latte has a distinctive taste which has won many fans over the years. Include it in your latte range and have at the ready for when latte lovers show up in your store.


For a delightful vanilla twist on the classic latte, add our prefilled cups of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Vanilla Latte to the range and offer your customers a coffee-shop experience wherever the day takes them.


A smooth blend of coffee and just the right amount of milk to make a deliciously mild latte, our NESCAFÉ &GO GOLD BLEND Latte is another crowd pleasure you want to add to your range of coffee drinks on the go.

Even though latte is the popular coffee trend at the moment, don’t forget to look after the rest of your customers as well. Discover our signature smooth, rich, instant beverages as an on the go solution. Our expertly crafted blends are great on the go, making having a takeaway coffee even easier than ever. Pick up a NESCAFÉ mixed case today and let your customers enjoy the distinctive taste of our premium blends. Each case contains a mix of all your customers NESCAFÉ &GO favourites.

The NESCAFÉ mixed case contains our core range of takeaway coffee cups, so simply order today and discover the possibilities with NESCAFÉ.

Do you want to find out more about another popular trend in coffee world? Check out our guide on coffee convenience and how to achieve it, next.

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*Allegra World Coffee Portal- Project Café UK - Strategic Analysis, December 2018