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The UK’s favourite super-premium coffee brand*, NESCAFÉ AZERA®, uncovers what consumers really want from coffee to-go.

As a nation, Brits love coffee, there’s nothing new there. However, with three in four Brits drinking at least one cup of coffee out-of-home a week , there is a significant opportunity for convenience store owners. Now is the time to capitalise on the growing hyper-convenience trend which sees consumers expecting quality coffee almost everywhere they go, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Coffee shops are no longer the go to choice for coffee on-the-go with 83% of consumers preferring to pick up a coffee from a self-service machine as part of their daily routine. Shoppers want more from their forecourt than just fuel, it’s a one-stop shop of convenience and coffee is a must, with nine in ten Brits buying coffee on-the-go.

Research suggests that the top driver for buying coffee on-the-go is convenience, they’ll pick the nearest coffee on offer. However, half of consumers would be more likely to buy convenience coffee if it was from a recognisable brand.



Technology has changed consumer expectations when it comes to convenience, more than 20%no longer expect to have to queue up to make payments. Plus, over half of coffee drinkers are more likely to buy coffee to-go if there’s no queue. As such, NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL® has identified the optimum ‘Convenience Gap’ (the time consumers are willing to wait after ordering) for takeaway products, such as coffee, and it’s between just two and three minutes.


Consumers are currently seeking out the ‘feel good factor’ that comes with buying an environmentally-sound product. Especially as 39% of coffee lovers say they try to buy coffee to-go responsibly but often aren’t given the option. The majority of consumers would be more likely to buy coffee to-go if they could use their own cup. Alternatively, they would happily take a reusable cup in return for a discount on future coffee purchases. When it comes to sustainability, over a third of consumers assume that bigger brand coffee is responsibly sourced.


As well as convenience, three quarters of Brits still expect products to cater to personal tastes. One in five still choose café coffee as they prefer a personalised order. NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL and NESCAFÉ AZERA® suggests some quick and easy steps to personalisation:

  • Syrup options at the machine – not too many though, the optimum is three.

  • Non-dairy milk variations - soy, lactose-free and almond milk are common choices.

  • Added extras – something as simple as an extra shot of coffee with no additional cost adds value

  • Personalise through app technology- could mean consumers pre-select/ choose their coffee and scan at the machine.

  • Loyalty schemes - will keep them coming back for more.

*IRI Grocers + Kantar Value Retailers, 52 w/e 13/07/2019 2019. ®Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. All unreferenced stats come from: Coffee To Go [Survey of 1500 respondents. 3Gem in collaboration with NESCAFÉ AZERA, November 2019